Limited One Time, Single User, Residential Sale or Rental Usage Right

Premier Property Media grants a limited one time, single user, usage right for the sale or rental of home on residential listings. Usage is limited to a one instance sale or leasing of a residential property by original purchaser. License is nontransferable and expires immediately upon execution of sale or lease on said property. Purchaser is not permitted to use media for self promotion or advertising in any medium unless it directly relates to sale or lease of said residential property during the initial attempt to sell or lease.

Premier Property Media retains all copyrights to all media and will pursue usage right violations to protect our intellectual properties.

Limited Lifetime Commercial Usage Right

Limited Lifetime Usage rights grant the purchaser or purchasers company the right to use media products for the purposes of advertising and promotion of said company or individual in print advertisements , their company website, electronic portfolio, and social media platforms. Premier Property Media continues to own all copyright and purchaser may not redistribute, sell, print in mass, alter in any way other than cropping, assign, or allow the use of any media products by anyone other than themselves for any purpose without the express written consent and licensing of Premier Property Media. Violations of this limited usage right are considered unlawful and will be pursued to protect the copyright interest of Premier Property Media to the fullest extent allowed by law.