How Do I Make An Appointment?

We have partnered with Aryeo to simplify the ordering and delivery process! Just press the “Book Now” button and you will be guided through a simple order and payment process. Once appointment is booked, we will reach back out with your exact appointment time. Every effort will be made to get you as close to your desired time of day as possible, however routing considerations and distance will play a role in when the exact appointment can be scheduled.

What Is The Timeline For Getting An Appointment With PPM?

In most cases, once an order has been placed, we will get back to you within the just a few hours to confirm your appointment time. We are typically able to get appointments scheduled within just a couple of days. However, keep in mind, that’s it’s best to give us as much advance notice as you can to have the most flexibility. Early week appointments usually fill up first so if you will be needing an appointment on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday it’s best to book the week before.

How Long Does It Take For Me To Get My Images Back?

We ask that you allow us up to 48 hours for delivery on most media. In most cases though, everything but video is usually back by the next day, provided there are no internet outages between us and our editors.

What do I do if I need to reschedule or cancel?

Cancellations, within 24 hours of appointment will incur a $75.00 cancellation fee to cover the photographer as we are not able to fill the appointment slot. Reschedules happen, however for the same scheduling concerns as cancellations please give us more than 24 hours notice to avoid fees.

What if its going to rain on the day of the appointment?

Weather sometimes gets in the way, its unavoidable!  What we do in these situations is offer you a choice:

  1. Keep the regular scheduled appointment time. If it is raining when we arrive, we will shoot the entire interior package (what ever the ordered pic count is) and then discount a return trip for the exteriors. If you choose this option we discount the return trip from $75 to $50 and you will need to reschedule the exteriors through our order form.
  2. Reschedule the whole shoot for a day that it isn’t raining where we have availability.

Do I need to be at the appointment with you?

While we don’t require that you’re there, we suggest that you or someone from your team go by prior to the appointment to ensure the property is “Shoot Ready”. Due to insurance and Covid protocols, photographer will not be permitted to touch or move anything so we shoot the property “As Is”. Please follow our Prep Guide to help guide the homeowner for the best possible photos.

Do You Have Supra Access?

We do! We will need the 7 digit CBS code for the box that is on the property. Homes will still need to be “shoot ready” when we arrive, so be sure to have someone prep the property if you wont be able to attend the appointment.

What Is Virtual Staging?

When a home is staged, it helps prospective homeowners visualize the space better and see themselves living there. Virtual staging is an economical option that saves time and money while still allowing people to envision the home in use. From one room to the entire home, we can do it all a lot faster & cheaper than hiring a staging company!

What Is A Virtual Twilight?

A Virtual Twilight is an economical way to emulate a Premier Twilight shot that doesn’t require the late appointment. We digitally enhance a daylight exterior photo to resemble a shot at dusk, making your listing a real eye catcher!

What Is A Premier Twilight Shoot?

Give your listing that something special by booking this true twilight shoot. We schedule this appointment to take place right after sunset capturing the property at dusk, adding a dramatic and inviting effect to your listing that showcases the property in an absolutely stunning way!

Can you Photoshop something out of a photo?

It depends on the photo, sometimes it can be done other times prove more difficult. We suggest that all things you don’t want in the photo be removed prior to our arrival. Removing vehicles digitally is almost impossible because of the information that has to be redrawn, so having them moved makes more economic sense. However, in most cases we can declutter interior rooms or maybe remove a hose from a yard or pool, etc. pretty easily. We however do not suggest fixing something on the property for the MLS as it could be construed as misrepresentation. Commercial/ Non MLS services have no restrictions and can be manipulated in any way desired.

Who owns the media and what are my usage rights?

Premier Property Media LLC retains all copyrights and grant a limited usage right based on the package purchased. Commercial or multi use licenses are available and must be purchased prior to any use other than the single use residential usage right. For a more detailed explanation please see our Usage Rights page.