Terms of Service

So that you can be assured of the best photography experience possible, client agrees to have the property prepped and ready to go by the scheduled appointment time. This should include but is not limited to all lights on, all fans off, blinds open straight across, all personal hygiene products hidden from view in bathrooms, toilet seats down, all pet evidence hidden, trash cans removed, etc. See Prep Guide for a more detailed explanation of how to prepare the property. Please ensure that all work is completed prior to your scheduled appointment time including maids, staging, contractors, carpet cleaners, etc. Appointments are tightly scheduled especially during busy season and we would hate for you to incur additional trip fees due to not being ready at the scheduled appointment time.

When possible, avoid placing your sign until photos have been taken to avoid additional photoshop fees.

If you are unable to be present, please have someone from your team double check that the property is “Photo Ready”. Client accepts and understands property will be shot “As Is”.

Due to Covid and insurance protocols, our photographers are not able to touch or move anything.

Premier Property Media LLC retains all copyrights and grants a limited usage right based on the package purchased. Commercial or multi use licenses are available and must be purchased prior to any use other than the single use residential usage right. For a more detailed explanation please see our Usage Rights page.

Client agrees to abide by terms of service and to hold Premier Property Media LLC harmless from all claims resulting from clients engagement of Premier Property Media.